Current Projects Dashboard

The Board and Canyon Lake POA management collaborate to manage projects in progress, in development, and under review for consideration. Projects that are approved for construction will be listed on this page. 

Projects Under Construction

Projects Approved for Funding

  • Golf Course Mainline Repairs
    The 27-year-old mainlines running through the golf course were approved for repairs at the February 7, 2023 Regular Session Board Meeting. The mainlines are deteriorating, leaking, and past the point of repairs.  
  • 'Year 2' Pavement Improvement Project
    Visit Year 2 Pavement Improvement Project Page
    At the June 6 Regular Session Board Meeting, the Board approved 7.8 million for the 'Year 2' Pavement Improvement Project. This project went to bid in April 2023 (click here to view the bid package). The current balance of our Road Reserve and Road Litigation funds is $8,764,000. When we move the funds budgeted for 2022/23 ($2,019,008) to this fund from the Operating fund, we will have $10,783,008 to use for this year's project. Each year, the Canyon Lake POA Board contributes more money to the Road Reserve funds for the purpose of continually maintaining our 37 miles of privately owned roads. The roads are the Canyon Lake POA's largest asset and maintenance liability.

Projects In Design  

  • Tennis Court Shade Structures
    Plans are being created to go to bid.