The Canyon Lake POA has a five-member Board of Directors who are collectively responsible for managing and operating the Canyon Lake POA’s business affairs. The Board of Directors are elected for staggered two-year terms by Canyon Lake homeowners. The Board of Directors works closely with the Canyon Lake POA’s Corporate Department to ensure that Canyon Lake POA duties and responsibilities are being carried out. Annual Elections are held in May of each year for Board Directors.  

2023 Election Results

The Canyon Lake POA is pleased to announce the following candidates have been elected to the 2023/25 Board of Directors:

The final vote count* (in order candidates were listed on the ballot) is:
- Jeanne O'Dell: 650 votes
- Chris Papavero: 664 votes
- Renee Griffiths: 688 votes
- Jeff Bill: 727 votes
- Alex Cook: 755 votes
- Joe Kamashian: 694 votes

View 2023 Results Report (PDF)

*Pending Validation

Pictured Above (left to right): Joe Kamashian, Jeff Bill and Alex Cook. Not pictured: Bill VanVleet and Greg Doherty.

Board Directors

The Board of Director Officers for 2023/24 are:

Board President: Bill Van Vleet
Board Vice President: Greg Doherty
Board Secretary: Joe Kamashian
Board Treasurer: Alex Cook
Board Director: Jeff Bill

IRS Revenue Rule 70-604 Measure Results

The IRS Revenue Tax Ruling 70-604 allows Associations to avoid a tax consequence on any inadvertent excess member income that is applied to the following Fiscal Year (FY) assessment when filing a tax return Federal Form 1120. The proposed IRS Ballot Measure is considered an annual industry standard to allow for clear tax filing authorization, should the Board decide to apply excess income to the following year’s assessment. Though the Association recognizes three options for application of excess income, ((1) refund to the membership, (2) apply to following year’s assessments/operational budget or (3) apply to the reserves) this ballot measure only pertains to the option of applying excess income to the following year’s assessment.

Results: 1,313 in favor and 74 against. The majority were in favor of this measure.

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